Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Holiday cakes! October 2010 - January 2011

I will now be offering some special cakes for a special price. Starting October 18-January 3,2011 I will be offering three layered eight inch round cake for $35.00 for one cake. If you buy two cakes the price is $60.00 If you buy three or more the cakes are $25.00 each.
Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Christmas dinner? Halloween party? Going to a holiday party? Then let me take care of the desserts! These cakes will be the perfect touch to those holiday gatherings.
These flavors will only be offered during October - January so make sure you order at least one!
Pick up dates:
Halloween cakes- Friday October 29th
Thanksgiving cakes- Wednesday November 24th.
Christmas cakes- Thursday December 23rd.

For all other non holiday dates, call me 832.659.3338

F lirt with Dessert
2010 Holiday Cake Menu
October 15, 2010 - January 3, 2011
 Pumpkin cake with creamcheese
 Texas buttered pecan cake with caramel crème filling
 Apple “pie” cake
 Speculoos cake ( Dutch dessert)
 Tiramisu cake
 Chocolate chocolate chip cake with chocolate mint ganache
 Cranberry cake with orange creamcheese filling
 Eggnog cake
 Coffee Toffee cake
 Pink champagne cake with a fizzy frosting
These cakes will be the perfect addition to your Halloween party and Holiday
dinners or just to have that something sweet!
Each cake will be three eight inch layers and can feed 10-15 people.
Each cake is $35.00 each or two for $60.00 or three for $80.00
Call for pricing if needing more than four cakes.
I thank you for your continued support and I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday season!
Wishing you all the best this Holiday season,
Daphne Powers- Owner 832.659.3338 to schedule your cake!

Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show in Tulsa, OK

Hello all! I just wanted to update you since it's been a little while that I have done anything on my blog. There's a reason for that!! But first let me thank my mom, Lydia and my husband, Corey for helping me out as much as they did. With out their help I wouldn't have gotten to Oklahoma!
For the last month or so, I have been getting my entires ready for the Oklahoma show.I started off thinking that I was going to enter five entries... ..then it came time to doing those five entries.... and we ended up with 2 completed cakes.
I entered the adult beginner division and entered a novelty category and a holiday category. my holiday cake was five cakes that were made and covered to look like fondant Christmas presents. They had sugar bows and sugar gift tags and then stacked ontop of each other all sitting on a round tree skirt that was used as the base. My novelyt cake was a red cheese wheel with a wedge removed and all hand painted "sticker" details and sitting on a wooden cheese board. And that happened to turned out to be the first place winner!
My next competition will be in the Austin in February. more details will come when I get more information to pass along!
Thank you all for your continued support!
All the best,
Daphne Powers

pictures are coming!

Friday, July 16, 2010

90th birthday cake

This client wanted something todo with the quilts and cardinals. Everything on this cake is sugar except the metal on the pins and the string. Everything else is sugar.

Safari Birthday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New EMAIL address!

Hello Everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have created a new email address for this blog and my cake business. I will take orders from my new email and questions/comments. I will keep my cell phone number the same so you can always place an order that way too!
Just to keep you informed, I will be offering Holiday/seasonal cakes starting in October so stay tuned for flavors and more news!
I hope you are all well and staying cool in this weather! And always remember that I appreciate your support and your referrals!
daphnesflirtwithdessert@gmail. com

Thursday, June 3, 2010

beer cake

It's Twins!

This cake was for a baby shower for twins... boy and girl... so, to keep it simple and cute- this is what I came up with!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 cakes coming up this weekend!

I know it seems like this blog has been a little dead lately but that's because I have been SO busy! Busy is good, but I need to be able to keep up with this blog! Fear not! I have some down time next week so I will be back on the ball before you know it.
I have 4 cakes due this weekend! That's the most I have EVER taken on. I know I can do it! I have started to get a little system down now and it seems to be working! After this weekend, look for the pictures of the following cakes completed over the last couple of weeks:
1. Mustang Saleen
2. How to train your dragon cake- Toothless Night Fury
3. twins baby shower cake
4. Beer bucket
5. the Hungry Caterpillar- cupcakes
6. Luau themed cake

this weekend's cakes are:
1. KHS Class of 2010 Graduation cakes- I have 2 of them
2. 1st birthday- Farming and Cowboy themed
3. Baby shower cake- it's a girl

If you have an upcoming event and would like to get more information about my cakes, please feel free to contact me! I need at least a week in advance for cake orders. But I prefer two weeks notices for all orders!

Daphne Powers 832-659-3338

Mustang Saleen

This was a fun request that involved alot of carving and lots of attention to detail. The client wanted a black Mustang Saleen with green pinstripes. I got a call from them after they got the cake to let me know how happy they were with the final outcome! I think we were all happy!
Pictures coming

Luau themed cake

This was a cake request that someone had found on the internet. It was asked of me to replicate this cake for a 4 year old's birthday party. The cake was all chocolate-chocolate chip with the ganache filling covered in fondant.
picture coming soon-

The hungry caterpillar

This order was unique in the fact that it was all cupcakes. Cupcakes were Vanilla bean and chocolate chocolate chip.
picture coming-

Dragon Cake

This was a cake request for a 4year old's birthday. He loved the movie "How to Train your Dragon", so it was requested that I make a dragon cake. This is the dragon "Toothless the Night Fury Dragon".
It was a chocolate-chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream covered in black fondant.
picture coming-

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crawfish Boil Cake

This was the VERY FIRST cake I had attempted. I worked on this together with a friend, and I think it's safe to say that it was a hit! This cake feed 200 people easy. I will be re-creating this one for my cake competition in October. It wasn't bad for the first cake ever, but I think I've come a long way since! I will post pictures of the new one, once complete!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Range Rover & LA Lakers

This is an early creation by me done in 2009. The lady that wanted this cake wanted LA Lakers along with a replica of this specific black Range Rover. Let me tell you, this was the FIRST time I ever attempted a car. I think it turned out good for my first time ever carving and shaping a car. But it was a lot of work. The LA Lakers logo is all butter cream free handed. no stencil or print from a computer.

Down on the farm shower cake

Here's a cake that I made for a baby boy shower. The theme was all barn things. So, I made the barn out of fondant, the animals out of gumpaste and the green pastures out of fondant! And it was yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... so I heard! Thanks Natalie!

Baby boy shower cake

This is the latest baby shower cake! It's chocolate fondant with baby blue polka dots with my first ever gum paste bow! I have to say, this is one of the cutest cakes yet!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show 2010

Hello Flirty fans! I wanted to let you know that I will be a contestant in the Oklahoma Sugar Arts show this October!
This show is held every year in Oklahoma and has been successful for many years. This show is actually aired on TLC every year. They have wonderful divisions to enter into. One of the well known divisions is the Ginger Bread houses. You have never seen a Gingerbread house like this before! It's amazing! Kerri Vincent is the host of the competition. She's also the host of TLC's cake challenge.
Here's the website for more information:

I will be entering the competition as a beginner since I have less than 2 years experience and I will be entering some of my cakes. I am currently sketching up some rough ideas for now but will have a better idea when we get closer to the dates. So, if you happen to be in the Oklahoma area October 1,2 & 3rd come to the state fair and check me out!
I will let you know what divisions I will enter and I will keep you posted!
Thanks for all your continued support!

Daphne Powers

Saturday, March 13, 2010

UFC Grooms cake

Cake flavor was chocolate chocolate chip with a chocolate ganache filling! YUMMMMMMMMMM

Baby Shower Cake

This cake is for a baby shower and the theme was a Barn theme along with a couple of animals. Everything on this cake is edible. The animals are all make out of gumpaste and the tin roof to the barn is made from gumpaste as well. This cake was a lot of fun to do! Cake flavors were:
Bottom - Red Velvet with a Cream cheese icing & filling
Top- Chocolate chocolate cake with Chocolate ganache filling

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet 16 Cake

Two Tiered Sweet 16 cake with Chocolate-chocolate chip cake alternated with White Chocolate chunk cake filled with a milk chocolate cream cheese filling.
Client wanted pink cake with black polka dots.
picture coming soon.......

Capitol Confectioners Sugar show in Austin, Texas

This was the first cake competition I have entered. It was held in Austin, Texas Feb 27th & 28th. I learned alot and next time I go, I am signing up to take some of the classes that are offered. There were cake celebrities there such as Lauren kitchens, Mike with Mike's amazing cakes and Kathy Scott. All of these wonderful cake artists have been seen on televised cake competitions before.
I entered two cakes in the beginners cake category.
First cake was the same as the 30th Birthday cake. Some of the details were re-worked along with the bottom bake tier. This was the beginners novelty tiered category. I got some wonderful feedback for this cake, unfortunately it didn't place.
The second cake entered was a sculpted cake. The requirements for this category was that the cake be actual cake. It was a requirement to show three in progress photos. My entry was a chicken sitting in a wooden box next to an egg in a wooden box. Below both boxes was the question, "who came first?" (blue ribbon made all from sugar). Everything on this entry was edible. The chicken's body was cake while the neck and feather fan was rice crispy treats. The egg was made from rice crispy treats covered in fondant. This entry was one point away from 3rd place.
All in all, it was a good experience and I learned from it. I look forward to next year's show and I will be entering in other shows so stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pumpkin cookies

My neighbor needed some cookies for a Halloween party she was having, so I got creative and made her a cookie arrangement!

Bass cake

Client's husband loves bass fishing so, she ordered a cake that had something to do with Bass fishing. Everything on cake was edible!

Shoe cake

High heel sitting on shoe box for a surprise birthday....
Shoe label was customized to client's birthday details.
Cake flavor was red velvet cake with a cream cheese filling! Yum!!!!!!!!

30th Birthday cake

30th birthday cake with a western theme. Top of cake is a western style shirt with yellow roses, and barbwire to divide the 2nd layer. Second layer is a denim look with a handmade buckle all made out of sugar and gumpaste. Bottom layer is a "leather" look with stars all made from chocolate fondant.
Cake flavor is a butter pecan with a caramel, cream cheese pecan filling.... yum yum yum!