Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show in Tulsa, OK

Hello all! I just wanted to update you since it's been a little while that I have done anything on my blog. There's a reason for that!! But first let me thank my mom, Lydia and my husband, Corey for helping me out as much as they did. With out their help I wouldn't have gotten to Oklahoma!
For the last month or so, I have been getting my entires ready for the Oklahoma show.I started off thinking that I was going to enter five entries... ..then it came time to doing those five entries.... and we ended up with 2 completed cakes.
I entered the adult beginner division and entered a novelty category and a holiday category. my holiday cake was five cakes that were made and covered to look like fondant Christmas presents. They had sugar bows and sugar gift tags and then stacked ontop of each other all sitting on a round tree skirt that was used as the base. My novelyt cake was a red cheese wheel with a wedge removed and all hand painted "sticker" details and sitting on a wooden cheese board. And that happened to turned out to be the first place winner!
My next competition will be in the Austin in February. more details will come when I get more information to pass along!
Thank you all for your continued support!
All the best,
Daphne Powers

pictures are coming!

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