$ Prices and flavors- yum

If you read about me under the " about moi" page, you will see that I just started baking and decorating in 2009. So, being that I don't have any formal training, and I am looking to get my name out there, I won't be charging those "big name cake people" charges! So lucky you!
For pricing info, please contact me.
Deposits are required for very large or wedding cake orders.
Cake delivery is available for an additional cost.

Don't forget to check back for my Holiday Specials and Flavors coming out October 17th! Special pricing for a 2 layered 8" round cake, dozen cake pops or dozen cupcakes! These will be offered for a limited time! 

Cake flavors:
Butter pecan
Chocolate Chocolate Chip*
White Chocolate Chip
Red velvet
Margarita *
Classic yellow
Italian Cream
German Chocolate
White Velvet
Almond & Amaretto
Speculoos ( Dutch version of gingersnap)

Chocolate cream cheese
Creamy caramel
cream cheese
Strawberries & cream
Berries & Cream
chocolate ganache
Speculoos crunch
pecan "pie" Filling

Vanilla Buttercream
Vanilla Bean Buttercream
Chocolate buttercream
Lemon Buttercream
Lime buttercream
Caramel Buttercream
Spiced buttercream
Almond Buttercream

* Indicates best sellers.... and believe me, they are GOOD!

I am open to any and all suggestions for more flavors!