Thursday, June 3, 2010

beer cake

It's Twins!

This cake was for a baby shower for twins... boy and girl... so, to keep it simple and cute- this is what I came up with!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 cakes coming up this weekend!

I know it seems like this blog has been a little dead lately but that's because I have been SO busy! Busy is good, but I need to be able to keep up with this blog! Fear not! I have some down time next week so I will be back on the ball before you know it.
I have 4 cakes due this weekend! That's the most I have EVER taken on. I know I can do it! I have started to get a little system down now and it seems to be working! After this weekend, look for the pictures of the following cakes completed over the last couple of weeks:
1. Mustang Saleen
2. How to train your dragon cake- Toothless Night Fury
3. twins baby shower cake
4. Beer bucket
5. the Hungry Caterpillar- cupcakes
6. Luau themed cake

this weekend's cakes are:
1. KHS Class of 2010 Graduation cakes- I have 2 of them
2. 1st birthday- Farming and Cowboy themed
3. Baby shower cake- it's a girl

If you have an upcoming event and would like to get more information about my cakes, please feel free to contact me! I need at least a week in advance for cake orders. But I prefer two weeks notices for all orders!

Daphne Powers 832-659-3338

Mustang Saleen

This was a fun request that involved alot of carving and lots of attention to detail. The client wanted a black Mustang Saleen with green pinstripes. I got a call from them after they got the cake to let me know how happy they were with the final outcome! I think we were all happy!
Pictures coming

Luau themed cake

This was a cake request that someone had found on the internet. It was asked of me to replicate this cake for a 4 year old's birthday party. The cake was all chocolate-chocolate chip with the ganache filling covered in fondant.
picture coming soon-

The hungry caterpillar

This order was unique in the fact that it was all cupcakes. Cupcakes were Vanilla bean and chocolate chocolate chip.
picture coming-

Dragon Cake

This was a cake request for a 4year old's birthday. He loved the movie "How to Train your Dragon", so it was requested that I make a dragon cake. This is the dragon "Toothless the Night Fury Dragon".
It was a chocolate-chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream covered in black fondant.
picture coming-