Saturday, March 13, 2010

UFC Grooms cake

Cake flavor was chocolate chocolate chip with a chocolate ganache filling! YUMMMMMMMMMM

Baby Shower Cake

This cake is for a baby shower and the theme was a Barn theme along with a couple of animals. Everything on this cake is edible. The animals are all make out of gumpaste and the tin roof to the barn is made from gumpaste as well. This cake was a lot of fun to do! Cake flavors were:
Bottom - Red Velvet with a Cream cheese icing & filling
Top- Chocolate chocolate cake with Chocolate ganache filling

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet 16 Cake

Two Tiered Sweet 16 cake with Chocolate-chocolate chip cake alternated with White Chocolate chunk cake filled with a milk chocolate cream cheese filling.
Client wanted pink cake with black polka dots.
picture coming soon.......

Capitol Confectioners Sugar show in Austin, Texas

This was the first cake competition I have entered. It was held in Austin, Texas Feb 27th & 28th. I learned alot and next time I go, I am signing up to take some of the classes that are offered. There were cake celebrities there such as Lauren kitchens, Mike with Mike's amazing cakes and Kathy Scott. All of these wonderful cake artists have been seen on televised cake competitions before.
I entered two cakes in the beginners cake category.
First cake was the same as the 30th Birthday cake. Some of the details were re-worked along with the bottom bake tier. This was the beginners novelty tiered category. I got some wonderful feedback for this cake, unfortunately it didn't place.
The second cake entered was a sculpted cake. The requirements for this category was that the cake be actual cake. It was a requirement to show three in progress photos. My entry was a chicken sitting in a wooden box next to an egg in a wooden box. Below both boxes was the question, "who came first?" (blue ribbon made all from sugar). Everything on this entry was edible. The chicken's body was cake while the neck and feather fan was rice crispy treats. The egg was made from rice crispy treats covered in fondant. This entry was one point away from 3rd place.
All in all, it was a good experience and I learned from it. I look forward to next year's show and I will be entering in other shows so stay tuned!