All about moi........

My name is Daphne Powers. I live in the beautiful town here in Texas known as Katy. I have been making creative cakes since 2009. I have always had a talent in crafts, art, painting, etc. And I have always been a huge fan of cakes & sweets! To be honest with you, I only look forward to weddings because of the cake..... sad but true!
I got my degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I majored in interior design and got my minor in art. I worked in the interior design/ architecture world right after college. I stuck with it for five years and then a change of events allowed me to look into another area of my talents. I took up cake decorating and it's been getting better and better thanks to word of mouth fans! I have such a passion for baking and decorating cakes and cookies! I am always up for a challenge and with my background in architecture, I have the know-how on how to put the skeleton together for those more challenging cakes. I specialize in all things cake!
I never thought I would be baking and selling cakes as a living & hobby! But here I am!
I am truly passionate about making people happy with my attention to detail and creative ideas! I hope to one day own my own cake shop and invite you all to the grand opening! So, if you know of an investors- give me a call!
Daphne Powers