Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Cakes November-December 2011

2011 Holiday Sweets menu

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s that time of year again, it’s time to start having visions of sugar plums dancing in your head… or better yet, Flirt with Dessert sweets! I am offering some amazing specials on some new flavors and new items just in time for the holidays! This year I am expanding my menu to cake pops, pies and cakes to delight all your taste buds! Not only can you get a sweet treat, you will also be helping out in the sweetest way. This year on any order $50 or more, Flirt with Dessert will donate a Teddy bear for the children who are spending their Christmas at Texas Children’s Hospital in Katy. Please join me to help bring the Christmas spirit to those children who will be spending their Christmas at Texas Children’s.

Cakes, Cupcakes & cake pops:

1. Chocolate crème de mint cake. – Simply decorated chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate crème de mint ganache. Makes Santa skip the cookies and go straight for the cake!

2. Speculoos Spice cake with a cinnamon espresso cream cheese frosting. Speculoos is a traditional Dutch flavor consisting of spices and a rich butter flavor. This cake is a favorite in my house and I know it will be in yours too! The cinnamon espresso cream cheese frosting adds that finishing touch to tie all the flavors together. Perfect cake to have along with your latte or hot cocoa!

3. Italian Cream Cake with a cream cheese frosting. This is a traditional smooth white cake with walnuts and toasted coconut finished off with a sweet cream cheese frosting. Perfect for any family dinner even if you are not Italian!

4. White Chocolate Christmas Torte- A white chocolate cake with pecan pieces and a red raspberry filling finished off with a white chocolate buttercream. Such an elegant cake for your holiday table!

5. Eggnog cake- A delicious twist on the traditional Holiday drink. A smooth dense cake with a sweet & fluffy nutmeg frosting leaves your taste buds wanting more!

6. Christmas Red Velvet Cake- This cake is always a Southern Favorite! A luscious red cake with a hint of cocoa finished with a smooth cream cheese frosting. Cut into this beauty at Christmas and your guests will be filled with the Christmas spirit!

7. Pumpkin spice cake with a gingersnap cream cheese frosting. A light and airy spice cake with a hint of pumpkin topped off with a smooth gingersnap creamcheese frosting… this cake is a holiday on it’s own!

Item numbers 1-7 are available in:

Layered 8” round cake with decoration $35 ( two or more cakes are $25 each)

Dozen cupcakes $25 with decoration

Dozen cake pops $30 choice of: Apple, Pumpkin, Snowman, Ornament or Christmas tree

Pies: - New for this Holiday season!

1. Amazing Apple Pie cake with butter crumble- Traditional American Pie with a Dutch twist. This pie is THE traditional pie to finish off a perfect holiday feast. Filled with sweet apples coated in sugar & spices, covered with a flakey pie crust topped off with a butter flavored crumble… Johnny Apple Seed would be proud of this apple creation! $20

2. Pecan Pie with Chocolate. A sweet twist on the Southern favorite Pecan pie. Flakey, buttery pie crust gets a sweet coating of a rich smooth chocolate ganache before the pecans join the party. This pie is sure to make you thankful you are in the South! $20

3. Pumpkin Pie. A holiday pie that was part of the offering with the Pilgrims and Indians…well maybe not but if they did, I am sure it would have been this sweet take on pumpkin pie! Sweet creamy spiced pumpkin pie is finished off with sugar cookie cutouts. Simple and elegant for the Holidays! $20


Coffee Cake: New for this Holiday Season!

1. Coffee cake Holiday wreath. Sweet toasted almonds on a buttery puff pastry with a simple sweet glaze shaped as a wreath with dried cranberries to add that holiday cheer. This simple & sweet 10”pastry wreath is the perfect gift for a neighbor or just to enjoy on Christmas or Thanksgiving morning with the family. $30 ( two or more are $25 each)

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family! I wish you all the best this holiday season and look forward to baking memories for you in 2012! – Daphne Powers

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