Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm still alive!

Some of you might have begun to wonder where in the heck I have been! I don't blame you! I have so much to update I need to get started now. Geez, last post was in OCTOBER!!!! HEllo??? I would also like to thank those of you who ordered cakes for the holiday season, it was a huge success and I will be doing something similar for Easter. So I think it's way past time for an update. so let's see here....
Let's start with Christmas. On Christmas morning, my husband and I discovered that we are expecting our newest little bundle of joy in early September! We couldn't believe what a surprise it was to discover that we are expecting again! And to find out on Christmas?! That was the icing on the cake! So we had to keep it hush hush for a couple more weeks since I was only 4-6 weeks along. But a couple of weeks ago, we broke the news to the Facebook world and our friends and family! So this Friday I will officially be 15 weeks pregnant! So excited and can't wait to find out if a little boy or a little girl will be our blessing! We should find out in April..... as long as it's healthy!
Next update, my Brother is engaged and is getting married to the best soon to be sister in law ever! I am so excited and so is my family! Their wedding will be soon after the baby is born... so I will that person working out like crazy to get into my bridesmaid dress!
In February I entered a new cake into the cake competition that is held every year in Austin, Texas. I entered as an adult beginner and unfortunately didn't place but was congratulated by so many people because they thought I had won with my cake! Needless to say, I wasn't the only one shocked and disappointed by not placing with my cake! That's okay, it gives me more time to create a winning cake for the next competition! I will reuse this cake but add more to it to still have the same theme but reworked to show off more of my creativity. It's a learning experience and I am learning! But I did get to see some cake celebrities! I got to chat it up with some of the contestants on the TLC show, The Next Great Baker! I also managed to get a couple of pictures with some of the contestants! I also got the chance to take a picture with, Michelle Bommarino, Lauren Kitchens, Corina, Karen and the winner of the Next Great Baker, Dana Hebert. I also talked with, James Rossel, Nicolas Lodge, Marina Sausa, Michelle Bommarino and Lauren Kitchens. I really had a great time at the show and can't wait to do it again... but next time, with a winning entry!
So now that just about catches me up. I am going to offer cakes and cupcakes for a special pricing for Easter. It's going to work alot like the Holiday cakes but the decorations and flavors will reflect the season. I am getting the flavors together and once I get the whole thing organized, I will send out another post and also with emails, and through Facebook. So keep an eye out for the Easter cakes!
I have attached a picture of the last competition cake from Austin! enjoy!

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